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Hello, I'm Atrom Gate.

ATROMG8 is a very cool blockchain-based social media platform with a focus on privacy and data protection.

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" Chain Of Love "

10% of all activities and fees involved goes to humanitarian and environmental protection. You can create your own project. Find like mindest people and organize the crowdfunding or work together on your project on the ATROMG8 platform.

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The Ecosystem

Here you will find many good tools from safe communication, wallet, coworking space, education, accommodation, e-commerce and much more.




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Network & Ecosystem

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the umbrella of security and privacy.

ATROMG8, the multi-blockchain landscape powered by the innovative MixNet 5.0 superstructure is moving towards a fast and secure ecosystem for conversations, coworking, PSP transactions, data exchange, Diploma on Blockchain and social media with the gig economy and e-commerce as a whole und the umbrella of security and privacy.

Privacy is one of the looming concerns in today’s digital world. To address that issue and ensure an end to end protected communication channel, ATROMG8 has harnessed blockchain technology to develop a decentralized ledger, which various networks can access or build their own token on the ATROM Blockchain and connect to other projects in the ecosystem.

Recently, it also got featured on Hackernoon’s list of “Top 20 Promising Blockchain Projects in 2020”.


The Whitepaper is a never-ending evolution! On the following pages, you will find thoughts that move us and information about the technology we use.
Have a look at the status of june 2020.

Token Economics

ATROM is the voucher required to access and operate our software. With the following information and graphs, we wish to introduce a transparent understanding of ATROM’s usage and its long-term value.


International Digital Student Pass

ATROMG8 has devised a Blockchain IDSP-backed application as an initiative to deliver a balanced educational structure for people everywhere, irrespective of their gender, race, origin, religion and financial resources. The application serves as a digital ecosystem that supports all its participants by simplifying the processes involved in their academic undertakings. This involves a range of services like confirmation and distribution of certificates and assorted forms, provision of financial support as well as accommodation to all those who seek it. Set over the backdrop of decentralized operations, the product promises self-sufficiency in funneling reliable management of data and security over its digital platform.


Swiss Money Transfer

The Unique Multi-DLT and blockchain landscape, ATROMG8 has been grabbing the headlines lately for its all-new emerging technologies maneuvers. Crossing another milestone in achieving its goal of a reliably decentralized future, the company has announced a significant partnership with Sendvalu, a renowned global money transfer service. The two market giants have joined hands in making the Sendvalu services available to the ATROMG8 community worldwide. The project is currently focused on Latin America, specifically the Brazilian market, to provide the complete benefits of a proactive communication and money transaction service to all. With almost 200,000 payout points in 75 countries. ATROMG8 provides each of its active users with a digital bank card to be used in nation-wide transactions from Brazil using a POS charging network.


A Blockchain Satellite

The mission, named Chainsat by Accubits Technologies is projected to send a 12 kgs weighing, low earth orbit satellite to space in an endeavor to create an enterprise blockchain ledger that can enable a secure transactional network for financial and IoT systems of tomorrow. Where blockchain technology entirely revolves around the concept of decentralization and transparent operations, the potential of this versatile technology is not completely reached owing to the inefficient data sharing models present in the current culture. Nevertheless, Blockchain only thrives on the notion of security, which is exactly what Chainsat is set to establish while parallelly adhering to the conventional data protection regulations.

Fine Folks
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I believe in ATROMG8 as it has the potential to become our salvation from “Big-Data”. Without ATROMG8 and ATROM we have no way of freeing us from big corporations spying on us.

Ahmet Cem Turan, Head of International Events & PR

ATROMG8 is the oustanding, next generation global communication concept ensuring, private, secure and reliable exchange of any digital content.
Based on this new technology various added value services will be available for the entire human race enabling to spread globally wealth in a much fairer way. I am honored to contribute to this fantastic project!

Toni F. Jacober, Owner of Jacober Active Advisors

From bites to bytes, the human race has come a long way. But it still has to go further in an attempt to make the digital space safe and inclusive for all. Thanks to Atromg8, this is no longer a far fetched reality. It is happening right now. And, we are absolutely thrilled to be a part of this change!

Sukriti Leekha, Cofounder-

The future and way of our communication depends on crucial factors. Interpreting these correctly and making them available to tomorrow’s users is still the path that very few want to go. We are proud to be part of this exciting process and to be part of this great project with ATROMG8! We are ready for the future!

Jithin VG, CEO & Co-Founder of Accubits Technologies

Never before has our society been at a crossroads as we are experiencing these days. With ATROMG8 I see the possibility to improve a lot and to respect the data and wishes of the population even more in order to make further exploitation by industrial giants more difficult. I am honored for the trust to head the research department, which I have taken over out of real conviction, free of charge. ATROMG8 has the potential to improve the world in many areas such as communication and value transfer.

William Nonnis, Full-stack & Blockchain developer

The idea of using Blockchain architecture to create an enterprise and individual ecosystem with messaging & payments solution is a game-changer in a World full of hidden transactional costs and none privacy. I am honored to be part of such an endeavor.

Hugo Massett, Co-Founder of Connect Assets

Atromg8 Milan summit 2019