The Unique Multi- DLT and Blockchain Landscape Powered By The Innovative MixNet 5.0. Super Structure build by international experts in different fields of modern technology in order to take the next step of human communication and digital evolution.

ATROMG8 (ATROM GATE) is an application designed and built on a basis of a highly developed software that was conceived from various Open Source projects of the last decades and own innovations to be understood as a decentralized transactional platform. Communication, Ecosystem, Payment and much more under the Umbrella of security and privacy.

ATROMG8 is the newly formed ecosystem that entails a multi-blockchain and distributed ledger podium. This multi-blockchain and distributed ledger interaction system can be used just like a high-security messenger and file transfer with metadata protection from insurance to flight tickets and Hotel bookings as well as all kind of other services provided by the ATROMG8 ecosystem members. It can also facilitate payments involving multiple currencies and Banking Card. The presence of the highly innovative 5.0. MixNet Superstructure Technology makes it much safer and secure for the private users and companies that build their day-to-day business on this structure. We connect your ideas and project with the ATROMG8 community and Network. You can as well create with us your own token based on our System and Blockchain.

Special emphasis was placed on security, speed, and data protection. The protection of privacy during communication and transactions has guided and influenced the decisions of recent years. This system is highly dignified, helping clients and individuals on a broader spectrum. The platform also offers the ATROM utility coin and token which is necessary in order to operate the system and can help in the process of sending and receiving data, cost of services, and compensation for the various efforts made on the Network by the different node operators and community. It allows its participants to take the opportunity to operate the ATROM Network software from any electronic gadget that includes a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. To access the token and voucher of ATROMG8, you need to install the core application known as ATROMG8 (Atrom Gate) which is available in the first quarter of 2020 with the first services. Over the coming months ATROMG8 will implement one service after the other subject to the terms and regulation in each country in which ATROMG8 goes online. The Basic function will be the Wallet and Messenger in the beginning. In the Blog section you`ll find some of the projects already participating in the development of the Ecosystem in order to provide their service and ideas to our community.

ATROMG8 is a new way of exchanging value on a global scale. ATROMG8 is the connecting channel that facilitates effective communication among various individuals without jeopardizing their privacy and metadata. It gives access to participants and lets them know, who gets an insight into their data or how it should be used safely in the modern-day tech-friendly environment.

According to the professionals engaged in the construction of the site, ATROMG8 is an unconventional approach to meet the contemporary requirement of a digital platform for a real-time secure and safe ecosystem. We do not develop software. We solve big and complex challenges on how to provide services and access to information for everyone. This can only be achieved on a global scale with technology and software infrastructure. Think of services like different types of trains. We provide the railway and network for you to reach your goals and needs in today’s business, private communication and transactional environment.

Our technological and multiple Award winning partner Accubits is more than happy to help you to make your project and dream come true. Contact them directly for any queries you may have. You will get a professional and uncomplicate entry to the world of Blockchain, Crypto, Artificial Intelligence and much more.

One World – One Application!

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