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Network Security: Chainsat

The advent of Blockchain technology has manifestly kicked off a revolution in the realms of finance and commerce. With every facet of industrial operations closely observing and experimenting with this disruptive technology, the pace of global reorientation as a decentralised entity has set bounding. This is owing to the significant contributions being made with the next-gen technology in all domains – material and intellectual – every day. And now, adding a huge milestone to the array of achievements being scored in the blockchain sphere is Accubits Technologies with its first-of-its-kind mission, Chainsat.

The USA-based, Global AI & Blockchain solution provider company, Accubits Technologies is geared up to take global enterprise applications of Blockchain technology to a whole new level with launching the World’s First  Enterprise Blockchain Satellite into the earth’s orbit. The company announced its intentions on 31st January 2020 at The Space Technology Conclave organized by the Government of Kerala. As per reports, the satellite’s launch is scheduled in the Q1 of 2021.

The mission, named Chainsat is projected to send a 12 kgs weighing, low earth orbit satellite to space in an endeavor to create an enterprise blockchain ledger that can enable a secure transactional network for financial and IoT systems of tomorrow. Where blockchain technology entirely revolves around the concept of decentralisation and transparent operations, the potential of this versatile technology is not completely reached owing to the inefficient data sharing models present in the current culture. Nevertheless, Blockchain only thrives on the notion of security, which is exactly what Chainsat is set to establish while parallely adhering to the conventional data protection regulations. 

Accubits Technologies’ Chainsat is an initiative towards resolving the limitations of the existing communication channels that are internet based and highly insecure. Where enterprises demand security for their data above everything, blockchain stands stoic on this need to a great extent, making business applications public on distributed ledgers beyond the scope of tampering and other violations. However, the internet continues to be susceptible to information breach and other cyber frauds. Chainsat is to trigger an off-grid network exclusively for Blockchain transactions, allowing participants in the enterprise blockchain network to access the decentralised leger via direct satellite communication. Communication with the satellite would be enabled with UHF Telemetry, S-Band payload Transmitter and an experimental X-band transmitter. Further, the satellite is designed with an onboard data storage of 4 TB in space hardened memory modules.  

The Global Software Solution provider, Accubits Technologies is known for its cutting-edge solutions for Blockchain applications in the domains of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. Product development, data analytics, business intelligence, Blockchain development, enterprise solutions, native application development are the areas of function that the company takes pride in. With headquarters in Virginia, USA, Accubits Technologies has branched out significantly to countries like Canada, Australia, UAE, India, Hong Kong, Norway, Indonesia, Singapore and Switzerland. It has gained a reputation working with various Governments, Tech startup companies and Fortune 1000 companies among others. The company has recently found mention in the Kenneth Report with Market Watch quoting it as among the top 10 Technology Groups next to the likes of IBM, Microsoft and Fujitsu.

Having evolved and developed numerous products directed at facilitating and empowering the usage of Blockchain technology by enterprises all around, Accubits is leaping towards a promising future in the Blockchain development sphere. Chainsat is nothing less than a breakthrough that would prove instrumental in establishing the much debated trust factor with regard to Blockchain technology among the masses. Led by a vision to make the best of emerging technologies and make it comprehensive and viable for all, Accubits has made a spot right in the Centre of the magnificent revolution that Blockchain technology has stirred. And Chainsat is definitely a spearheading move in all. 

We and the whole Team of ATROMG8 are proud to participate with our Blockchain and DLT 5.0 MixNet Super Structure in this project and be a part in this Milestone of Blockchain- History. 

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