Bringing the blockchain revolution to the art market

Experts around the world consider blockchain an essential part of what is called the Fourth Industrial Revolution – a new era that builds and extends the impact of digitization in new and unanticipated ways.

What is the blockchain? Think of blockchain as a ledger that lives on every device on which it is installed. Whenever the ledger is changed, the information is updated on each device, giving rise to new and secure ways of doing business and trading assets in an extremely secure way.

From verification tools for provenance and authenticity to new approaches to art collecting and even new art forms, blockchain’s impact on the artworld is undeniable.The main advantages of blockchain, such as its security and immutability due to its cryptographic nature, makes it ideal for storing the highly sensitive, personal data which, when smartly processed, can unlock so much value and convenience in the art market.

The first blockchain art gallery in the world

ARTOKEN is the first blockchain (virtual) art gallery in the world, built with ground-breaking technology provided by ONRAI – the world’s only enterpriseblockchain solution forglobal payments- and developed in partnership with ATROMG8.

The main objective of this revolutionary new art gallery is to give art collectors and investors an unprecedented and easy way to access and invest in art – by using only their smartphones, anywhere in the world and with lightning-quick speed and security.

Just imagine being able to have 100% guaranteed provenance and also the opportunity to have a portfolio of investments that include the latest new types of art as digitization expands the concept of what a piece of art is into the future.

With ARTOKEN you will be able to invest in three art funds:

  • Established artists
  • Blue-chip artists and Bullion Art
  • Emerging artists and Bullion Art

Backed up by an experienced team of consultants

Both ARTOKEN and ONRAI are Alderaam Holdings companies, a trusted and experienced boutique investment firm with vast experience in the art and investment markets, ensuring that all investments are vested by our team of expert consultants.

Alderaam Holdings andATROMG8

A partnership for the future

Alderaam Holdings´ focus on long term investment strategies has always required us to look as far into the future as possible, in order to anticipate trends, predict expected performance for our clients and envision undeveloped opportunities. 

It is within this mission statement that Alderaam constantly looks for the best partners in each area that it enters. Alderaam´s partners must share the same will to break new frontiers, be future-proof and provide the maximum return on investment for our clients.

Considering the relevance of the digital technologies and the overall digitalization of all areas of business, Alderaam could no longer ignore the importance of introduce new investment solutions that would include digital payments and the broader access to ways of investing using blockchain technology. This is why Alderaam has chosen to partner with ATROMG8.


It’s very difficult to think about the future today, but ATROMG8 does this very thing, interpreting and rethinking the way we communicate with one another and planning how to develop new technological platforms for tomorrow´s users.

The ATROMG8 project brings together blockchain and legal expertise as well as superb know-how and magnetic marketing as a driving force behind the creation of a new super structure that will be essential for the future landscape of digital communications that will include a unique multi blockchain landscape.

ATROMG8 is an unconventional approach to meet the contemporary requirement of a digital platform for a real-time ecosystem that is safe for all the users involved in conversations as well as financial transactions.


The first result of the partnership between Alderaam Holdings and ATROMG8 is the ARTOKEN Gallery, the world’s first blockchain art gallery in the world. This project combines Alderaam´s extensive experience in both the art and investment markets with ATROMG8 unparallel know-how in developing and putting into practice blockchain technology in order to offer a unique solution for art collectors and investor worldwide.

ARTOKEN allows anyone with a smartphone to invest in art, in an unprecedented and secure manner, with 100% assurance of original provenance as well as secure transmission of personal data between buyers and sellers.

Alderaam holdings, in this manner, presents to its clients a new and innovative way to created or expand their art portfolios, utilizing never before seen technologies that will bring the art market into the 21st century and beyond. 

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