The World Educational Landscape is in for a Transformation with ATROMG8’s IDSP Application.

Benjamin Franklin had once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” The saying stands its ground in the contemporary world where technological and creative evolution is at its fastest pace and a competent knowledge of the present industrial scenario is the first thing looked out for in an individual to become an asset. While education continues to underscore the prominent interest of law-makers everywhere, it is high time that the traditional education system experiments a merger with the broadly prevailing concept of decentralization. 

The Switzerland-based VisionG8-Atronocom alliance, ATROMG8 has devised a Blockchain IDSP-backed application as an initiative to deliver a balanced educational structure for people everywhere, irrespective of their gender, race, origin, religion and financial resources. The application serves as a digital ecosystem that supports all its participants by simplifying the processes involved in their academic undertakings. This involves a range of services like confirmation and distribution of certificates and assorted forms, provision of financial support as well as accommodation to all those who seek it. Set over the backdrop of decentralized operations, the product promises self-sufficiency in funneling reliable management of data and security over its digital platform. Through its versatile platform, IDSP is creating a space for millions of students and adults engaged with educational systems around the world to secure a safe harbor for dispersal of their day-to-day requirements with respect to their digital transformation. ATROMG8, with the launch of IDSP, aspires to promote leadership and innovation through education, research, community, and technology services at a global scale. 

The application is currently on the clock to assist Italian and subsequent European students and faculties of all levels in the fulfillment of their professional and educational goals. The ATROMG8 community is hopeful of IDSP making a positive contribution to the promotion of Italy and other participant countries and institutions by supporting their training and other processes in meeting the international standards. The company’s effective association and prudence with various communities across the globe are expected to leverage the creation and dissemination of the country’s improved research capacity and, henceforth, its future.

The project is to find operational accomplishment in three phases. First, ATROMG8 has signed an agreement with respect to IDSP early in January 2020, with several research companies in Italy. The trial is scheduled at the University, Institute of Polytechnic of Applied Arts and the company, PoliArte of Ancona in Italy in order to build and test the ecosystem and support it online on Blockchain certification. The IDSP application is built on ATROMG8’s 5.0 MixNet Superstructure, a subset of Accubits Technologies which is one of the leading entities of the present digital world of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Several discussions are therefore underway with other EU countries, as well as with Brazil and other members of the LATAM States. 

Close after obtaining the clearance, the teams would begin enrolling at multiple universities in Italy as well as the other participating European countries. In the second phase, these universities and ATROMG8 will collectively build an ecosystem to disseminate its specific token for each university to cater to the needs and requirements of their faculties in exchange of information and digital data in the most effective and secure manner possible. ATROMG8, in itself, is a service to society, delivered through technology in the form of software which builds disruptive infrastructure.

The third phase of the project would witness the collaboration of ATROMG8 with Accubits Technologies in developing the research presentation channel which would be enabled through the CHAINSAT project. Accubits Technologies, a multi-award winning corporation, named as one of the technological leaders in the field with players such as IBM, Fujitsu and Microsoft recently made the mission announcement of CHAINSAT on 31st January at the Space Technology Conclave supported by the Government of Kerala.

Mission CHAINSAT is a plan to send a low earth orbit satellite weighing 12 kgs. to space with an aim to create an enterprise blockchain ledger that can enable a secure transactional network for Research and Development pertaining to various fields, including financial and IoT systems of tomorrow. The essence of Blockchain technology that lies in delivering decentralized and transparent operations is currently faced with a threat in the form of inefficient data sharing models existing in the traditional build. CHAINSAT is an attempt to overcome this roadblock and re-establish the notion of security in the Blockchain sphere. The satellite’s launch is scheduled in the Q1 of 2021.

Working in line with the developmental prospects of CHAINSAT through Accubits Technologies, IDSP is building a University network to protect millions of dollars’ worth investment dedicated to research and development against cyber-attacks and further theft of ideas and test results on the internet. The army of intellectuals leading the project IDSP include Mr. Milivoje Batista, founder of ATROMG8 and the Global Desk member of ATROMG8 Management for Critical Infrastructures projects; Dr. William Nonnis of Full Stack & Blockchain Developers of the Ministry of Defense in Italy; the non-profit Chief ATROMG8 Scientific Technology Department; Prof. Marco Santarelli representing the Poli Arte University; Scientific Director of ReS at Network – Intelligence and Global Defence, London; Margherita Hack Foundation; Head of the Department of Human and Social Sciences; Director of IC2, Intelligence, Complexity, and Communication Lab; Head of the Research Committee and Professor in Security; and the Design Management in Poliarte Ancona as well as Jithin VG, CEO and Shameer Thaha, CSO of Accubits Technologies.

With a systematically lain roadmap and course of operation, ATROMG8 is moving strong towards developing an educational ecosystem that is much more resourceful and flexible in the faculty and students’ interests. The novel project packed with its rich ideas and complementary support is making the dream of an efficient education landscape seem just one step farther from reality. 

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