Work together to create

The development of applications, strategies and structures to help the world’s poorest and our planet is a cornerstone of our activities at ATROMG8.Through our Project “Chain of Love”, we dedicate 10% of all our transaction fees to humanitarian and environmental conservation projects, with no hidden fees. This is an immutable commitment with no compromises between ATROMG8 and all the other projects running on our Blockchain.Thanks to our Partnership with Charity Wall, we are able to provide a transparent overview of how these funds are being allocated toward different projects and organisations. Therefore, showing our community and users the positive socio-environmental impact we are creating in different parts of the world.
Visit the Charity Wall website and learn how it works.


We want to encourage people all over the world to work with us, and find their place in the ATROMG8 project.

We, The Members of atromg8, declare:

With the help of our work, we will strive to save all living beings from the scourges of oppression, war and poverty, which have often brought and continue to bring unspeakable suffering to the inhabitants of our planet.
We will reaffirm and uphold our faith in the fundamental rights of life, in the dignity and value of each individual personality and in the equal rights of all life forms, races, ethnic groups and religions.
We demand the right of all living beings to a peaceful and dignified existence and self-determination, the right of peoples to sovereignty over all resources and their cultural origin, the right of everyone to education and spiritual development, the right of all of us to peace, security and protection, and social progress for a better standard of living in freedom.

We will do everything in our power to preserve an intact environment for future generations and to save what can be saved.

For this purpose, we want to:
Unite our forces to promote world peace, global security and stability. Integrate every single person into our society and support progress in all areas of life.
Provide access for all to the financial systems of the world without exploiting or cooperating with anyone who exploits others, in any form whatsoever.
That is why we have decided to pool our resources to achieve these goals together.

We will work together to create the world we dream of,

and peacefully use the power of the community to do so.