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Frequently Asked Question's

Here are the frequently asked questions !

ATROMG8 – (ATROMG GATE) is a Venturing, multifunctional DLT and blockchain based platform, also known as an ecosystem, which focuses on the sensible use of data and the protection of our privacy. A proposition to society, a digital tool maker to cut other projects time to market and to connect with the ATROMG8 network which is here to make the world a better place and create equal chances for all.

Yes, ATROMG8 uses the advantages of the blockchain and, thus of cryptography, to supplement its control and protection mechanisms and to make the important transactions on the platform possible.

Yes, the ATROM Coin is what makes all transactions possible on our blockchain. Without ATROM Coins, nothing would work on the platform.

No, because ATROMG8 does not generate its income with personal and targeted advertising to private people. ATROMG8 also does not use dopamine-provoking algorithms to bring users to the platform, but creates a trustworthy, meaningful and useful digital environment with partner companies.

ATROMG8 operates its own blockchain, which is also made available to other companies and projects for a fee. This core package has its own environment for social media, messenger and payment structures.

You can open a social media messenger account and register. As long as you do not offer, or sell, anything on the Platform, you do not need to do go through our KYC process.

ATROMG8 makes many tools and possibilities available to companies. To connect a project, you can contact the team and present your project. Together we will then explore the possibilities and work out the process.

Yes, ATROMG8 offers this possibility only after the project has been reviewed by the team and all the necessary points, especially the legal situation regarding your project, have been clarified. We will then be able to help you from smart contracts (C ++ basis) to marketing.

Yes, ATROMG8 and its partners can offer everything for a project from programmers to marketing and lawyers. From a small budget to large projects, everything can be implemented. The teams are already working on over 15 projects that will be integrated into ATROMG8 in the coming months.

ATROM Coins are already available on various exchanges such as Probit, BIBOX and UNISWAP. Further exchanges will take on the ATROM Coin and offer it for sale in the coming months

Every project has its risks, which can also lead to total loss. You should be well informed if you wish to buy coins purely for their speculative value. Here you absolutely have to consult a specialist you trust. We cannot make any kind recommendation.

You can keep the coins on the exchange or on your own wallet on the ATROMG8 platform. If you want to keep your ATROM Coins on the ATROMG8 platform, you have to activate your wallet and keep the keys safe. ATROMG8 does not hold any coins for anyone and only provides the technology. Everyone is responsible for their own coins and must do everything possible to use these security mechanisms properly. A loss of the private key can lead to theft or total loss as we cannot keep any copies and cannot restore anything. At no point we take any responsibility for your coins. It is up to you to keep everything in a safe place.

No, ATROMG8 did not carry out an ICO. However, ATROMG8 took over parts of the technology from another company and in return made the services of ATROMG8 available to the community. We exchanged the community members’ old coins for the same amount into new AG8 ones.

You can write to the support team via and ask for help for your problem or questions. They will try to help you as much as possible.

Direct contact is not possible this way. Only verified and approved project members can contact them directly as this is required for insurance and safety reasons. For this reason, the team’s social media are also not listed on the website. Key word here is: social engineering

The team is working on the applications and wants to put them online in the 2nd / 3rd quarter of 2022

You can find more information on our white paper and the Token Economics above the FAQ