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Nevertheless, the times are changing thanks to new technologies such as blockchain and DLT in combination of social media and very big and well-known names. An increasingly number of successful producers have found their way into the mixed culture and are getting involved in the new global trends of financing projects via a so-called crowd. Money alone is not the decisive factor here however. The appeal lies in crowdfunding and consequently reaching millions of people in advance, which in turn acts as a self-advertisement campaign for the film production. Furthermore, it generates a community of followers around the production that is priceless to any kind on business endeavour.

This is the concept in a few words that the team from CROWDUCER = (Crowdfunding & Producer) drives with its incredible network. Some big names have already partnered up and companies, which services we use every day, have jumped on this bandwagon. We are proud to be part of this concept and to make our technology available here. The teams involved are here to open the doors for small investors to participate in film production in a regulated framework. The details will surprise and astonish many of you. The information will be released through the press over the coming months. We will share these with you on ATROMG8. We are all super excited to be part of this democratisation of the movie industry through CROWDUCER’s revolutionary concept.