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E-health for India

A few years ago, the driving forces of digital information technology agreed to baptise a chain of existing technologies with the name Blockchain. It was not yet clear to anyone how great the resulting potential would develop. The experiences that were initially made in the areas of payment systems soon gained a foothold in the areas of health and related topics.

For this reason, the parties involved in the health care system and the authorities have started to organise themselves in order to create a basis for the use of these promising technological possibilities through working and regulatory structures. The aim is to regulate who is allowed to store, manage and use what, where and how. How can useful information be drawn from this available data without violating the patient’s personal rights? How should this data be evaluated and interpreted?

Correct handling can provide direct, quick and uncomplicated help in many areas. In an emergency, patients can be admitted more quickly and treated correctly, as the attending physician can easily access the patient’s history for example, in order to react optimally to history, blood group and possible allergies. When it comes to insurance, cases of fraud can be detected more easily or switching to another health insurance company can be made easier. Prescriptions for drugs whose distribution and sale can be traced or which provide protection against counterfeiting for drugs. Files are no longer lost and are fully available when they are needed.

Organ donations can be better coordinated and, here too, make criminal activities more difficult in particularly vulnerable countries. In general, a lot can be achieved through an intelligent solution and a combination of blockchain, artificial intelligence and data management. However, this requires clear guidelines from the legislature. To support these processes, the Accubits Technologies teams work with many different organisations and structures. With the aim of being able to offer good and affordable solutions for industry and the state in the near future. In this context, Accubits Technologies proposed the use and conception of blockchain to an initiative by the state of Kerala, in India. Kerala has 35 million inhabitants and is forced to use the rather modest resources available to ensure the greatest and best possible service for its residents.

For the test series in this context, the possibilities of the ATROMG8 blockchain are being researched and used as a basis for further product developments. It is conceivable that ATROMG8’s social media platform is used for the exchange of experiences and mutual support among patients, such as self-help groups and fundraising. This cooperation means a lot to us because it creates completely new areas of application for ATROMG8 as a project and opens up new perspectives for the future.