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Short films are an old phenomenon becoming ever more important and finding their way back to the big screen. When the pictures gained life and began to move, short films were the main kind of cinema at the time. With the evolution of technology and the cinema industry, movie studios took a liking for longer and longer films. Today, however, producers from Hollywood to Cannes are all going back to the early days of the movie industry and actively focus part of their portfolio on short films.

«WESHORT» recognised the signs of the tidal change and began to deal intensively with this demand years ago. Just as WESHORT, big producers like NETFLIX and AMAZON Prime and many other providers have also decided to shift their focus to short films. Thousands of short films are produced every year, and the fan base continues to grow exponentially. Be it for series, reports or just short stories. ATROMG8 and WESHORT are working on a community platform where users can meet, present their films, and producers can exchange ideas with customers on the platform.

WESHORT was born in Italy and will conquer the world from there. Our teams are working with great enthusiasm to create a new world for users and to bring the possibilities of artificial intelligence, blockchain and DLT technologies to be applied in this field.