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Data and Block-chain-based software ecosystem

Many of these tools and software are developed whilst others are still in development and will be added complementary to the Ecosystem over time and as per the requirements of the market.

Post-pandemic times and it`s challenges

This requires quick rethink from all stakeholders (government, companies, workers) achieving solutions that are both realistic and financially viable.

In addition, the superiority of some technology groups is noticeable in all areas in such a way that small businesses and manufacturers cannot withstand the increasing price pressures and unfair competition due to the discrepancies of tools and resources available to them.

Data plays a key role in the new scenario and it`s importance is ever increasing. The advantage of data can only be used properly when the data integrity, the correct interpretation and storage of the data is ensured. Not only collecting data, but analysing data correctly and drawing valuable insights from it is what currently occupies the brightest minds of our society. It is crucial to grant small and medium enterprises a way to access and profit from qualified data in order to foster competitiveness in large areas of the economy.


Technologies, structures and knowledge are skilfully combined in this ecosystem and made democratically available to all participants (specially focused on small and medium enterprises).

WorldG8 offers a protected, secure and affordable framework in order to enable a more equitable access to the international market.

One of the first goals of WorldG8 is to support the development of the BRICS countries (specially it`s unprivileged sectors or regions) and strengthen the connection between these markets and the world.

The approach here is to use and implement various technological developments and achievements from recent years. Most of the software used has already been successfully developed by the team and tested on the market.

With the right support, WorldG8 will become an incubator for the economic development and stabilisation of regions, promoting sectors or categories of companies which today find it difficult to participate in global economic flows. The platform will help to overcome the language barriers and to connect people and business as well as offer technical help where it is needed.

The goal is to establish the WorldG8 platform worldwide within 5 years and to rise to the top 10 worldwide in another 5 years.

WORDG8 wants to take responsibility and put its work in the service of people, nature and the economy.

Apart from the benefits of the platform itself, a lot of new jobs will be created in the areas of programming, sales, training, consulting, research and many other areas. These new professional opportunities will help develop and strengthen these sectors over time creating new sources of income for the employees and their families. Affiliate sales structures are just one form of example that an alternative has already established itself on social media structures and generates billions in sales worldwide.

The WorldG8 platform also creates insights for research at universities by tracking information and developments at the same time and aligning the research accordingly. The idea of WORDG8 is to create synergy combining research with industry and the financial market. This will increase effectiveness, efficiency and the investment attractiveness to such research.


The platform encloses a multifunctional e-commerce shopping centre that is connected to all other tools and comparable in scope with the ones by Alibaba and Amazon. The programming of this platform took several years or development and is already in its final stages. It supports business activities of B2B / B2C / P2P.
Blockchain as a Service. Worldgate`s Blockchain, which can be used for various services, has already been developed and has been tested for its resilience and scalability in various projects for months. The blockchain is part of the ChainSat project by Accubits Technologies. This project aims to offer additional security to various branches of industry which, for various reasons, are not allowed to use conventional transmission paths. A node of the blockchain is placed on a satellite. In August 2021, SpaceX will launch the satellite into orbit and put it into operation.
Event platform
An event platform has already been developed and is fully operational. This platform not only offers the various companies and people the opportunity to organise their annual congresses and get-togethers, but also provides private digital rooms that enable the participants to enter into one-on-one virtual negotiations, present their products and have real business opportunities. The meetings can be set by a team of matchmakers prior to the event, or by the participants themselves in the virtual lobby area where they can meet and get to know one another. This same platform is now being used by several clients to transform physical events (like huge business fairs and business rounds) into hybrid model events. In this model, all the meetings and the whole dynamic of the event can be set virtually, as well as it allows post-event one-on-one meetings between the participants in order to complement the negotiations that occurred during the event itself. This event platform, despite of being a separate product on its own, is meant to work together with the e-commerce platform to enable negotiations between the registered companies. Regular events within the platform, driven by a in-depth data analysis, will bring a proactive dynamics to the platform, featuring a great advantage over other e-commerce platforms on the market.
Connected to the e-commerce and the events platforms, the Showroom will enable companies can present themselves and exhibit their latest collection in a highly qualified and standardized manner. As with a trade fair, the whole environment can be displayed and/or redesigned according to the event, season or specific objective facilitating access to the information of the companies involved.
Blockchain based Certification:
In order to improve the security and trust to the whole ecosystem, the certification platform is aimed to facilitate access to information and data about the companies prior to a negotiation. Companies will be able to submit themselves to certification in 5 main areas: - Governance - Ethics and Compliance - Environmental sustainability - Diversity and inclusion - Finance This is not intended to replace full due diligence, but to support an initial business approach and create new connections that would otherwise not have been established. These certificates are stored on the forgery-proof blockchain and are supplemented and maintained by the system, which will ensure traceability and that the data is valid and genuine. The same tool can also be used for the certification of many other services such as quality and production certificates or certificates of authenticity. This tool is already partially developed and already used for diplomas by students in universities in Singapore and Dubai and has been tested and further developed for over 2 years.
AI buddy
The AI buddy is developed with a mission to enable MSME, start-ups and enterprises to easily and cost effectively adopt data-driven business model and to make decisions based on the data. It is built as a self-service system to empower managers and leaders to acquire key data points and forecasts without any technical knowledge. The entire system is built with the state-of-the-art NLP and allows the users to ask a question in natural language, it also have a built-in feature to centralise data storage. The system can also analyse and figure out any relevant correlations or patterns on the data and report stakeholders about it. It is also capable of looking at the transactions and supply chain data points and capable of optimising it to improve the bottom-line. In a broad overview it enables companies to meet the market needs by recognising the demand and supply and sending these signals to the industry so that they can react accordingly and at an early stage. Correct interpretation of the data can optimise supply chains and increase sales while at the same time steadily reducing waste and environmental pollution. Due to geolocation information, it can also represent significant savings on transport logistics and reductions in overall costs, maintaining the same quality, thanks to the securitisation and traceability established via the Blockchain. The AI Buddy is a personal market study and real-time report, which prepares and makes available data from various sources. This software can be used by any company on the platform with a monthly contribution to conduct targeted and inexpensive market research and to improve its production and sales.
AI Analytics
The AI Analytics is another software that will be available within the platform. It monitors the markets by scanning selected websites (ie. from government authorities, regulatory agencies, parliaments, chambers of commerce, etc.) for news and legal or regulatory changes, as well as new requirements documents and procedures involved in business transactions, so companies can adapt and adjust accordingly. This tool has also already been developed and is being tested and further improved by the first pharmaceutical companies.
Social media
The whole ecosystem will have its own social media platform to enable the networking between its participants. This block-chain-based platform offers the safest environment to negotiations, set up sales rooms via affiliate marketing, to advertise, explain and sell products, to secure a commission or even offer services. The platform also offers the opportunity to give training courses and to use a white board in a group. It allows groups of prospects of up to a million people to share information about product and availability. Digital contracts that are forgery-proof can be issued via the blockchain. From pin boards to team meetings, this tool offers great multifunctionality. This platform is already developed and being tested on the market.